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Susan Clark: Bio

“Her soulful voice, tremendous songs and wonderful playing combine with her beautiful heart to make some of the best music I’ve ever heard.” To call Susan Clark “multifaceted” just doesn’t do her justice. That’s because, though she IS talented in so many areas, that term doesn’t explain just how beautifully she writes, how well she plays piano, guitar and flute, how alluring her voice can be, how quickly audiences connect with her in a live setting or the amazing joy she inspires in her work with Alzheimer and dementia patients. Yes, multifaceted, but also, so much more. Susan was named a finalist in Kerrville’s New Folk Concert Series in 1991, 1993 and 1995. Then in 1998 the Kerrville judges awarded her first place. Among the prizes was the opportunity to perform on Kerrville’s main stage in 1998 before thousands of the country’s biggest folk followers. 2006 found Susan once again included in the Kerrville New Folk Finalists! Take Me Home, Susan’s 1999 release, led to numerous awards that once again proved her versatility. Along with being selected to showcase her songs fo the National Folk Alliance, she also won first place awards from New Mexico’s premier music competition (NM Mic Line Awards) for Best Jazz Production, Best Blues Production, Best Adult Contemporary Production and Best Vocal Performance. Covering so many styles, it’s easy to see why so many of Take Me Home’s songs are covered by other New Mexican musicians. A new CD of original compositions "Waitin' for the Wind, was released in December of 2006 and is available for purchase. THIS ALBUM RECEIVED THREE PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS FROM THE NEW MEXICO MUSIC ASSOCIATION IN 2007!!! One for the best song of the year, "Meet me in New Orleans"; one for best production and lastly, but most importantly, the award for the best CD of the year!

From 2009-2015, Susan served as the of musical director of the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living in Albuquerque, NM, where she was joined every Sunday by Lewis Winn on bass guitar and Jay Blea on drums and percussion.  

Susan's latest album, Sunlight of the Soul was produced by Scott Jarrett and  features 12 original inspirational songs.  One of the cuts on the CD, "Stand As You Are Able," received recognition from the Empower Positive Music Awards (the POSI's) in 2014 and Susan was invited to showcase the tune during the awards ceremony weekend in Orlando, FL.  It was during this visit that Susan met David Ezell of Heartwind Music.  David published several of Susan's songs which can be found on his Heartwind Music websiteL  Thanks to Sue K. Riley, Susan's music can also be heard on Empower Music Positive radio station. To find the radio go to and you'll see it on a banner or scroll down.  They have a mobile app's called emPower Positive Radio.

In February 2016, Susan became the music director at The Center for Spiritual Living in Denver, CO.  She continues to inspire listeners with her heartfelt arrangements of New Thought musical selections.  Her strength lies in pairing just the right piece of music with the message of the day.  And don't be surprised to hear an original tune pop up now and then!