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Susan Clark: Inspirational Music

Brynn's Tune

(Susan Clark)
April 14, 2013
Susan Clark

About 5 days after my granddaughter Brynn was born, I was sitting with her parents, Rachel and Paul, watching her sleep.  We were wondering about what she might be experiencing as a 5 day old human on the planet.  The lyrics of this song came out of that discussion.  

Brynn's Tune/Susan Clark

Dreaming...she was dreaming

Of a place that was sublime

Breathing....she was breathing

Underwater all the time

Muted...voices called her

And she knew it was time to leave

Now she....travels back there

When she's tucked inside her dreams

Spaces....growing smaller

Made it hard for her to rest

Now she's on the outside

Sleeping on her mother's breast

Shapes the shadows

Become faces in the light the morning

Turns to lavender at night

So surrounds her

She is such a lucky girl

Who knows...what adventures will find her

As she makes her....mark on the world